Liposculpt Body Contouring is now available in St. Augustine!

Hundreds of women and men are experiencing great results losing inches and losing weight!

Liposculption is a slimming and skin tightening procedure now available in fine salons.

Liposculption Body Contouring and slimming treatments drains the contents of fat cells causing the fat cells to collapse and get smaller. The fatty acids and triglycerides are then voided naturally.

In conjunction with fat and inch reduction, we offer skin tightening treatments as part of the Liposculption protocols.  The Body Contour utilizes ultrasonic wave and radio-frequency technology to produce immediate measurable inch loss results.


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Each patient’s fat reduction plan is individualized and results vary. Body Contouring and slimming is not for everyone and will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation.  All patients are given a consultation and a body analysis that includes: body fat%, BMI, height, weight, BP and nutritional recommendations before their first treatment. This ensures that each patient will have the best outcome and care.


How can Liposculpt help you?

The Body Contouring treatment benefits: