• How does Body Contouring work? Designed to deliver results without the dangers associated with invasive body contouring surgery, This technology painlessly reduces fat in the tissue under the skin. It allows the body to safely eliminate fat while reducing inches from target areas, slimming, and reshaping body lines while tightening and toning loose skin. A revolutionary method that delivers results while allowing patients to remain active during treatment, New Life Body Contouring supports physicians in their quest to deliver optimum care and wellbeing to their patients. The fat cells are drained of triglycerides and fatty acids in the areas treated with the five lasers and throughout the body, due to a chemical process that also improves cholesterol and reduces hunger.

  • When the fat melts away, where does it go? The fat cell contents are voided from the body through the lymphatic system, liver and kidneys in the stools and urine.

  • Do some people respond better than others? Yes. Patients with a higher metabolic rate are better able to excrete the fat cell contents and enjoy better results. However, this new technology works for patients of all ages and skin types.

  • Is this technology safe? Yes. There are no reports of anyone ever experiencing any side effect or bad outcome during the clinical tests leading up to FDA cleared.

  • Is the Body Contour for everyone? No. it should not be used for pregnant women or individuals with active cancer. When this technology empties the fat cells, the liver causes fatty acids and triglycerides to be voided from the body. Accordingly, individuals with compromised liver function should not receive treatments. Your doctor will go over all the contraindications with you during your consultation.

  • What does Body Contouring cost? Nationally, costs generally range from $900 to $1,500 for a two-three week treatment with six-nine sessions. In Florida, most physicians charge $900 to $1,800. Our charges depend on your individualized treatment plan. We also have special offers. Please call for details or see our special offer page.

  • Is financing available? Yes. We accept credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover, Checks, Cash, Credit/Debit cards and can break the payment into

  • What is Body Contouring? This technique uses low frequency ultrasound waves that are conducted through the skin and penetrates into the adipose tissue. This breaks down the fat into small pieces, causing micro-bubbles, which turn the fat into a liquid substance (phenomena known as “cavitation”). Once it leaves the cell it is metabolized by the liver and then easily removed from the body. This is why drinking plenty of water is important. Treatments are performed in localized areas for maximum results. This Ultrasonic cavitation is considered an alternative to invasive liposuction and has been used in Europe and Canada for decades as an outpatient procedure.


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